DAZ Studio 3 - Old scenes made with v1x/2x compatibility

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DAZ Studio 3 - Old scenes made with v1x/2x compatibility

Post by Lakys » Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:04 pm


I am wondering if it is just me? In DAZ Studio 3.1, each time I try to open my old scenes made with DAZ Studio 1.x and 2.x (note that I am not even mentioning the 0.9.x beta stage), I run into issues. Those are mostly:
- missing textures (seems like when the path is just /textures/..., it doesn't perform a search to recover it)
- missing hair (this happens often with Quarker's hair like Sapphire)
- other syndromes (I need to investigate more)

Note that I have checked and rechecked that my directories configuration is exactly the same that in v2.

Funny thing, if I open the same scenes in the latest 2.x version:
- some scenes recover their missing textures
- I get the non transparent eyelid syndrom
- other syndromes (also require further investigation).

Saving them again, doesn't seem to help.

This is pretty irritating, especially as the application should be now mature.

It seems that to me that since 1.3 which was really stable, the .daz the native file format has evolved significantly, and that they have not fully tracked the changes. I would almost come to regret the Poser format. At least that one remains compatible.

Did you have similar experiences you want to share?

And how do you consider this lack of compatibility? Something minor, major, even justifying why you don't want to work with DS anymore?

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