Create the perfect shape and expression to give your model life and makes it realistic.
This forum may contain some nudity and is restricted to the adult members.
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Post by Lakys » Fri Dec 02, 2005 11:16 pm

This very forum (among others Lakeworks forums) is intended for adult only and may contain some nudity.

This forum can be used to create, to adjust and to study any details of the human anatomy in order to create realistic or artistic body artwork. You can also use it to share and to discuss your artwork nudes.

Nethertheless, sexual violence, pornagraphy or any scene disrespectful of human laws would not be tolerated. However, it is possible to make and post some suggestive erotic/love scenes which are intended to be art.

The forum staff (admin and moderators) keeps the entire freedom to extend/readjust those guidelines if some other abuses might occur.

Thank you!

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