web browsers major versions released

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web browsers major versions released

Post by Lakys » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:06 pm

That is done! Firefox 4.0 has been finally released, is it because of the recent release of Internet Explorer 9.0? Who knows.

Finally, things have been crazy, even Chrome has reached its 10th version! Opera 11 showed up weeks ago. And let's not forget Safari with its recent version 5.

So what's new and common to all those browsers? First the interface, easier, less buttons, no menu (or hidden ones). Basically we are back to the essentials we had in 1995 in Mosaic and early Netscape versions. The tabs are generalised, and now optimised to reduce the height. Finally the improvement is that the area for websites is higher than ever in windowed mode, which is finally really handy with net-books having wide screens.

What else? The speed, that's actually the first element pushed in all the marketing campaign. Each brand claims that it is their faster browser ever, and it is true, not because of the computer power, but because most javascript engines have been rewritten, or greatly improved. So in some cases, the gains are between 3, 5, or even ten times faster compared to some older versions.

Let's also come back to the most important thing, HTML5 and CSS3, those browsers should be fully ready for that. Well, that's only theory. Practically, all those new browsers implement some W3C CSS3 and HTML5, but none is implemented all of the specification, and the implementations are really different from one browser to the other.
So finally, the nightmare is not over for web designers. Actually, it might get even worse, and even the feature detection based script like Modernizr, won't get rid all of all the tricky cases. If for some security javascript execution is turned off, the so called html5 websites won't be able to degrade gracefully if they use the new markups, and this in all Internet Explorer but version 9.
Considering that some administrations or corporations are still using Internet Explorer 6, and that Internet Explorer 9 can only be installed from Windows Vista or Windows 7, all the Windows XP base is condemned to stick to old Internet Explorer versions, if the IT is not keen of using alternate non-Microsoft browsers.

And I have not considered yet, the ongoing wars between the giant firms like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Adobe on video formats support in HTML5...

That's sad, as it means it will take years, before the world is really ready for HTML5/CSS3...

So finally the real progress is possibly somewhere else, in the mobile devices, pads, and other smart-phones.

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