Feel free to ask general questions about Web Coding

Tips, tricks, questions about web development in HTML, Ajax, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, or whatever you bring or wish to ask.
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Feel free to ask general questions about Web Coding

Post by Lakys » Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:36 pm

You wish to create your website yourself, probably because you don't want to pay for web design, or just cannot afford any...

Well you are not fond of web site builders, already made templates, or need something special.

More than that, the pleasure to say (or to think) "I did it myself", it is my own website... So you are creative, you already know web stuff or your are not scared to learn a very little of coding.

So feel free to ask questions, I shall try to answer (no guarantee) but it would be free advices or answers. And any other contribution is welcome, you can answer question and share experience or knowledge as well :P

note: you don't forcefully need a super web editor (such Dreamweaver) to make nice and optimised pages. Well, personally I work often with just a just a simple text editor to edit xhtml, php or templates.
I like and use EditPad Pro. Well you can download for free the Lite version.

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