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New breath - Forum Upgrade

Post by Lakys » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:41 pm

Dear members,

it has been ages since this forum has been maintained or even really used.

I left it to decay as I had no real way to upgrade it, the author has stopped developing PHPBB Category Hierarchy up to 2008. I tried to improve a little bit until 2012.
Since I have been busy, and not that much in the 3D CGI field. But I might come back :)

Today, I finally risked migrating to the regular PHPBB3. And guess what, after quiet some efforts, it worked out!
I'm glad, even it is not as fancy as before, it is fully functional, including a working registration with an easy captcha this time! :)

I know that the community has mostly left. Anyway, feel free to join and to contribute ;)

And if I don't expect so much life, let's say just a new breath ;)

Happy New Year :D

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